Hey, I'm Amy

Mama to a beautiful little girl, Madison Rose, card designer at Funky Pigeon, mental health campaigner, amateur party planner, coffee lover and avid wearer of the colour black.

Thanks for stopping by, i’ll try not to bore you too much! I basically just wanted a little home for all of the thoughts and feels buzzing around inside of me! After I gave birth to my daughter Madison in 2017, I became very unwell with Post Natal Depression and ended up being sectioned and carted off to a Mother & Baby Unit miles away from home, eek!

It’s been a long ol’ road to recovery but I’m finally getting there. I’d like to share my experiences, tips on wellbeing and my recovery journey with you all in this blog as well as all the fun stuff we get up to at Funky Pigeon HQ to raise awareness for mental health

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