Warrior Campaign

Here I explain all about my #warrior campaign, the inspiration behind it and what I hope to achieve through it…

What is #warrior?

Warrior is a collection of cards and gifts designed to make it easier to support women who may be suffering mental illness.  Many people want to let someone know they are thinking of them but not sure how, this is where cards and gifts such as these can really help.

After the success of my 2018 campaign for mental health awareness #Believe in Happy, I am now launching a new campaign for 2019 – The Warrior. This will be focused on supporting maternal mental health and mums who may be suffering from postnatal depression. Similar to Believe in Happy, we’re trying to encourage people to open up about their illness and get the support they may need. So many people send/receive get well soon cards and kind wishes for a physical illness, we’re trying to encourage a similar approach for perinatal mental illness and mental illnesses in general. I strongly believe there is a Warrior in all of us, and each one of us can overcome any obstacle with determination and strength. All products will also, most importantly, have information on how and who to contact if the recipient needs help or support. Funky Pigeon will be donating 30% of net sales from the Warrior card and gift ranges to the charity – Mind, whose invaluable help, information and advice can be life-changing.

Why is this important to me?

This campaign is very important to me as I want to let all the new mama’s out there know that they are not alone and there are lots of people who can offer support if needed. My experience of PND will stay with me forever. It was hands down the worst time of my life but by going through it, I learned that there are so many people out there, family and strangers, that care and want to help – and now I am a much stronger person who appreciates life much more. It is extremely important to let someone know how you are feeling, be it family, a friend or a charity/helpline. They can help. Let them! Some people adjust to parenthood really easily but I found it very difficult. I had an established career and was fiercely independent. I liked to be spontaneous and go wherever I wanted, whenever I wanted, with nothing and nobody tying me down. I thought that becoming a mother would change all of this and I would no longer be myself anymore. I would just be seen as a mum and nothing else. Basically, I thought my life was over. I felt extremely guilty and just couldn’t understand why I wasn’t over the moon at the prospect of becoming a parent when so many others desperately wanted what I was about to have and couldn’t. It took a long time but slowly I started to realise that my life wasn’t over after all. I could still do all of the things that I did before but with a mini best friend in tow. It was a revelation. Now, I feel more like ‘myself’ than I have done in years and love being a mum. I am much better at managing my anxiety and depression nowadays and I find the most effective method is to take each day as it comes. Worrying about things in the future that may not even happen is exhausting and sometimes unnecessary.

What is the inspiration for Warrior?

Warrior is unsurprisingly, inspired by my battle with PND. I wanted to create a collection of cards and gifts that were specifically designed with new mums in mind to uplift and empower them when they may not be feeling their strongest.  I also wanted it to reflect my personality and show that mama’s ROCK!

I want to celebrate women/mums by showcasing a bold and empowering collection of cards and gifts with sassy, motivational/inspirational messages. I have chosen a soft yet fierce colour palette of jet black and blush pink to highlight femininity and strength.